Whose email address is this

Hey whose email is this, excuse me friend do u know this id? 21st centurion’s are becoming web dependent and are forced to use the mailing systems. Suppose we login to a new website and try to access the content of it, there we are forced to give our authentication as email.

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This increasing popularity of emails are forcing many spams also into our email accounts, and the only thing we can do is to ask the person whose email is this and the answer us unknown.

But think of a situation that if we are able to do some sorts of magic where the question whose email is this does not exists at all, that is the concept of back tracking. Suppose if u are caught in the wizard of whose email is this, what will you do? I am sure that you will go for one of the following options.

·    Appeal to the social networking sites like Friendster.com, Myspace.com, orkut.com.It is easy to go for searching the concerned person for the emails. As most of the profiles are flooded with images, videos, personal information, and organization, there we can picture out the individuals very clearly subjected to the information provided on the profile is genuine.

·    Popular search engines like Google, searching is simple if we know some of the tricks to go for it ,such as providing the supporting details with the mail search

·    Public voice: whose email address is this answer is very simple and at the same time effective. Here, this process deals with asking those people who may know the id.

·    Finding out the list from concerned organization i.e. that email belongs to a university or any organization from there names can be short listed.

All the above are nothing but the probabilities. Before we discuss about the other aspects of the solution let us see and focus on the worse affected. Whose email address is this itself sounds offensive, Cybercrime is in its peak and the major weapon is email. This is a major aspect but if we think at the grass root level then also it is a threat. Suppose if u have a child who sits on internet for hours, then the very first thing which will strike your mind is that “to whom my child is chatting with”. It is very necessary to know is he talking to right person.
So, above cases make us feel the websites where we just need to give the email ids and it will direct us to the concerned person along with details. But to maintain a website of this sort is not a cakewalk, one must maintain an enormous bulk of databases and has to be updated regularly in order to fulfill the basic purpose of the website and to optimize the search to find the information. If we are able to abolish the question whose email address is this, then we can say eureka, “We succeeded”.

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