World famous Walt Disney characters

An American film producer, director, screen writer, voice actor, animator, entertainer international icon and philanthropist, Walter Elias Walt Disney, is the creator of the world famous cartoon characters. There are a numerous number of world famous Walt Disney characters.

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Almost all the characters developed by Walt Disney are equally famous and adorable. These characters are widely accepted by the people all over the world without any age barriers. Some of the top rated characters of Walt Disney are being discussed here.

Obviously as we all know Mickey mouse is the one that tops the list. As far as the watching rate of the viewers are considered Mickey mouse is mostly the oldest and most famous character which is a creation of Walt Disney. Mickey first appeared in television as a part of the cartoon series named “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit”. The initial version of this series was voiced by the creator himself and this was accepted all over the world. The character of Minnie mouse was introduced as the wife of Mickey mouse.

Donald Duck is the next famous cartoon character which is a very cute creation of Walt Disney. This character was first presented in the year 1937 in a television cartoon series called “The Wise Little Hen”. The character of Donald is a kind hearted one. The only negative is its short temperateness. But this finally ends up in very good comedy that makes the watchers to laugh over and over.

The Pooh bear is another famous Disney cartoon character that has a cuddly figure and all children like its good looks and blamelessness. This mild sounded tender bear is very much fond of honey. The dialogue “Oh brother, empty again” has earned a lot of popularity among the audience.

The Flintstone family members are the other well known characters of Walt Disney. The three members of the family are Fred Flinstone, his wife Wilma Flintstone and son Pebbles Flintstone. Their neighbors are Barney and Betty rubblke.They are very much close to the Flintstone family. They provide a lot of fun and enjoyment to the audience through their character.

Porky pig is another cartoon character of disney.It is very fatty, stressed out, and behaves in a comedy manner at the same point of time. This character role appears in a series of cartoon called “The Porky Pig show”, which is very much popular among the children. It is hard to find someone who dies not like the dialogue of the porky pig.

Simba is the brave lion cub, which is a creation of Walt Disney, is a brave character who successfully overcame all the difficult steps in his life with extreme enthusiasm and courage. He came out with flying colors as a super duper hero. He was the center of attraction in the Disney movie “The Lion King” which was a box office hit and made a collection record.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is another famous creation by Walt Disney. She is a beautiful, innocent and lovely girl who was very kind to her fellow beings. She was rudely ill treated by her step mother and step sisters who were very greedy in nature. But Snow White was finally given the reward for her good deeds by God. Apart of all these Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland are also the two world famous Walt Disney characters.

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